At the top of the window is the text "Current working file:", followed by the full path name for the file. The rest of the window is divided in two parts, with the left part used to define what surfaces/curves are to be regridded, and the right part used to define the grid point distribution functions to be used.

In the left part of the window, at the top are three radio buttons, labeled "Generate new object with default name", "Generate new object with name:" (followed by an empty text box), and "Do not write result - save in results buffer". In this example the first button is selected.

Next are two pairs of radio buttons. The first pair, on the left, are labeled "Surfaces" and "Curves". In this example, the first button is selected. The second pair, on the right, are labeled "Grid one object" and "Grid multiple objects". The first button is selected.

Below this are three radio buttons, labeled "Grid both directions", "Grid Constant N lines (in M direction)", and "Grid Constant M lines (in N direction)". The first button is selected. To the right of the "Grid Constant N lines" and "Grid Constant M lines" radio buttons are are two text boxes, one for each button, with the heading "# of points". Both boxes contain the value 41.

Next are two more radio buttons, labeled "Nonlinear interpolation" and "Linear interpolation". The first button is selected. These are followed by a check box labeled "Grid surface on existing curves". At the bottom of the left part of the window are "Generate Grid" and "Cancel" buttons.

The right part of the window contains four tabs, labeled "Side 1" through "Side 4". The "Side 1" tab is selected, and below the heading "Current Distribution:" is the entry from a dropdown menu showing the current grid point distribution for Side 1, in this case "Equal Spacing".

Below the tab section the current distribution functions for all four sides are listed. In this example they are:

Side 1: Equal Spacing
Side 2: Equal Spacing
Side 3: Same as Side 1
Side 4: Same as Side 2

Last updated 19 July 2007