At the top of the window is the text "Current working file:", followed by the full path name for the file.

Below that, on the left, are two radio buttons, labeled "Grid one object" and "Grid multiple objects". In this example figure, the first button is selected.

On the right is a set of three more radio buttons, labeled "Generate new object with default name", "Generate new object with name:" (followed by an empty text box), and "Do not write result - save in results buffer". In this example the first button is selected.

Next are two text boxes. The first is labeled "Relaxation Factor (Omega) =" and contains the value 0.3. The second is labeled "Number of Iterations =" and contains the value 100.

Below that is the instruction "Select a forcing function:", followed by four radio buttons labeled "LaPlace", "Thomas-Middlecof", "Sorenson", and "Smooth Initial". In this example the first button is selected.

At the bottom are "Cancel" and "Run Elliptic" buttons.

Last updated 2 Apr 2003