This is an illustration of the lower half of the Wind-US Download Page, dealing with downloading the build distribution,containing the source code, makefiles, and scripts needed to create and run the Wind-US executable from scratch. After the heading "Wind-US Release 2.0 Build Distribution", is the following text:

The Wind-US Release 2.0 Build Distribution contains the files needed to build and install Wind-US Release 2.0 on any supported platform. It is intended for those who need a more recent version than is available in an application distribution, or for use as a staring point in porting Wind-US Release 2.0 to a different platform. To download the build distribution, click the "Download" button below. The returned file is a gzip'ed tar file. When prompted enter an appropriate filename with the file extension .tar.gz. Under some conditions, this process may time out before completion, resulting in a "Document contains no data" error. A "download later" option was added to solve this problem. When the "Package files for downloading later" option is checked, clicking the "Download" button actually tells IVMS to just create the gzip'ed tar file, without starting the download. When the file is ready to be downloaded, a "Get it here" link will appear in the yellow IVMS "System Messages" window. Click on it, and you'll be prompted for the file name, and the process will continue as normal. You still may get a "Document contains no data" error, but it may be ignored. Occasionally, the "System Messages" window fails to refresh properly. If the "Get it here" link fails to appear after a few minutes, manually reload the "System Messages" window. In Netscape, this is done using a right-mouse click in the window, and selecting the "Reload" menu option.

Below that is a link to the Wind-US Installation Guide.

Next, near the bottom of the page are the "Download" action button, and the "Package files for downloading later" check box.

Last updated 27 June 2007