This is an illustration of the upper part of the Tools Download Page, dealing with downloading the application distribution, i.e., the scripts and pre-compiled executables, for several tools at once. Near the top, after the name of the project (in this case, "Tools Makefiles Application"), is the following paragraph:

The Tools Makefiles Application Distribution contains the scripts, executables, and object libraries needed to run Tools Makefiles on your system. Simply select the machine and CPU types from the lists below, and click the "Download" button. The returned file is a gzip'ed tar file. When prompted enter an appropriate filename with the file extension .tar.gz.

Below that is a link to the Wind-US Installation Guide.

Next is the form used to download the tools application distribution. There are two scrollable selection boxes, one on the left for the desired machine (i.e., computing platform) and operating system, and one on the right for the desired CPU type. The CPU selection box is initially empty; the available CPU options appear once a machine/operating system is selected.

Below the selection boxes is a long list of check boxes, used to select the tools to be downloaded. By default, all the boxes are checked, except for the two labeled "cfpost_pre" and "gmanpre".

Last updated 27 June 2007