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Status Codes

All of the common file library routines return a status code through the first argument to indicate whether the routine failed or succeeded. Below is a list of all of the status codes.

   Code   Meaning

< 0   ADF core error message (see ADF document for details).
0 Successful completion (no errors encountered).
100 File header validation error.
101 Node header validation error.
102 File header indicates IMPORT did not complete. Rerun IMPORT.
200 File was never opened.
201 File was never closed.
202 Invalid mode supplied to CFOPEN (must be OLD, NEW, or SCRATCH).
300 Requested variable does not exist.
301 Invalid variable name (cannot be blank).
302 Unable to allocate a new variable (out of variable space).
303 Variable is not of the proper type.
304 Invalid record length.
305 Invalid record number.
306 Invalid operation for C I/O.
400 Requested node does not exist.
401 Invalid node name (cannot be blank).
402 Unable to allocate a new node (out of node space).
403 Requested node already exists.
500 Invalid STATE.
501 Maximum number of files are already open.
502 Unknown STATE.
504 Error converting C to Fortran string.
505 Error converting Fortran to C string.
600 Invalid parameter name.
601 Invalid unit number.
602 Invalid record length.
603 Invalid machine code.
604 Invalid maximum number of nodes.
605 Invalid maximum number of variables.
606 Invalid maximum number of integer elements for node headers.
607 Invalid maximum number of real elements for node headers.
608 Invalid maximum number of character elements for node headers.
609 Invalid dimensions for record length calculations.
610 Invalid precision for record length calculations.
611 Invalid common file version.
650 File open, cannot change unit number.
651 File open, cannot change record length.
652 File open, cannot change maximum number of nodes.
653 File open, cannot change maximum number of variables.
654 File open, cannot change maximum number of integer elements.
655 File open, cannot change maximum number of real elements.
656 File open, cannot change maximum number of character elements.
700 Invalid mode in CFUNIT (must be 'NEW' or 'CURRENT').
701 Unknown desired units type
702 Unknown current units type
801 Invalid operation for the files common file version
900 Fortran OPEN error.
901 Fortran CLOSE error.
902 Fortran READ error.
903 Fortran WRITE error.
904 Conversion to or from this machine is not supported.
905 Error allocating memory.

Last updated 1 Feb 2000