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NLR Airfoil with Flap

Figure 1 is described in the surrounding text
Figure 1. Mach number contours.

Flow Description

This case involves the turbulent flow past an airfoil with a single flap.

Table 1. Freestream conditions.
Mach Pressure (psia) Temperature (R) Angle-of-Attack (deg) Angle-of-Sideslip (deg)
0.2 14.7 520.0 10.0 0.0


The geometry consists of an airfoil with an airfoil-shaped flap below the trailing edge of the main airfoil.

Computational Domain and Boundary Conditions

The computational domain is bounded by the airfoil surfaces and the farfield boundary, which is placed a significantly large distance from the airfoil surfaces. The airfoil surfaces are slip surfaces while exterior boundaries are treated as freestream or farfield boundaries.

Comparison Data

The experimental data for this configuration has not yet been obtained.

Computational Grid

This case examines the use of overlapping (Chimera) grid topology for two-dimensional domains.

Figure 2 is described in the surrounding text
Figure 2. Computational grid showing overlapped grids.

Computational Studies

Table 2. Computational studies peformed for the NLR airfoil with a flap case.
Study Category Person Comments
Study #1 Example J.W. Slater Example of Chimera grid.



Contact Information

Questions or comments about this case can be sent be emailed John W. Slater at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

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