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This is a forum for discussing ideas and sharing information about space drives technology.  It uses the Mailman computer program, which processes commands to collect and distribute email messages to the to list subscribers.  To deter spam, messages are accepted only from list members.


If the list administrator knows you, you can subscribe via the SpaceDrives Info. Page.  Otherwise, please send an email message to the list administrator  In this message, please provide the following information: We will not subscribe anyone (except people we know) without all of the information requested above.

Using the List:

Once you are subscribed, We will send you an email confirmation, a "welcome" message and password.  This will tell you how to post messages to the list.  You can then receive messages from the other list members and post your own messages.

Message archives:  Some messages from prior to 2005 are saved on our web pages.  Newer messages are archived on the SpaceDrives Info. Page.  (This is accessible to members only -- save your password.)

Using the space-drives list:

We ask that you try to make your messages relevant to the topic of space drives.  This is a fairly broad topic that includes transmissions used on spacecraft and planetary exploration vehicles plus related hardware such as gears or rollers, bearings, lubrication, seals, etc.

If you are replying to another message, it is helpful to "echo" or quote relevant parts of the message that you are answering.  Please make such quotations *brief*.  It is poor "netiquette" to echo back unnecessary parts of a long message.

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