Space Mechanisms & Aerospace Lubrication Papers

The reports are available from the NASA Technical Reports Server
Note:  Some of these are scanned images of printed reports (large files)

James J. Zakrajsek, David B. McKissock, Jeffrey M. Woytach, June F. Zakrajsek, Fred B. Oswald, Kelly J. McEntire, Gerald M. Hill, Phillip Abel, Dennis J. Eichenberg, and Thomas W. Goodnight
"Exploration Rover Concepts and Development Challenges"
NASA TM-2005-213555, AIAA-2005-2525, 2005  (2 Mb)

Mark Siebert, Ben Ebihara, Ralph Jansen, Robert L. Fusaro, Wilfredo Morales, Albert Kascak, and Andrew Kenny
"A Passive Magnetic Bearing Flywheel"
NASA TM-2002-211159, 2002 (0.5 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro
"Preventing Spacecraft Failures Due to Tribological Problems"
NASA TM-2001-210806, 2001 (0.9 Mb)

Fred B. Oswald, editor
"Space Mechanisms Technology Workshop" (proceedings of Nov. 2000 workshop)
NASA CP-2001-210971, 2001 (4 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro, editor
"Space Mechanisms Technology Workshop Proceedings"
NASA CP-1999-209200, 1999 (12 Mb)

Laurence J. Bement of NASA Langley and Morry L. Schimmel of Schimmel Company
"A Manual for Pyrotechnic Design, Development, and Qualification"
NASA TM-110172, 1995

Steven P. Jones, Ralph Jansen, and Robert L. Fusaro
"Neural Network Models of Simple Mechanical Systems Illustrating the Feasibility of Accelerated Life Testing"
NASA TM-107108, 1996

Robert L. Fusaro
"Lubrication of Space Systems"
NASA TM-106392, 1994 (1 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro and Michael M. Khonsari
"Liquid Lubrication for Space Applications"
NASA TM-105198, 1992 (2 Mb)

William R. Loomis and Robert L. Fusaro
"Liquid Lubricants for Advanced Aircraft Engines"
NASA TM-104531, 1992 (1 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro
"Space Mechanism Needs for Future NASA Long Duration Space Missions"
NASA TM-105204, 1991 (1 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro
"Tribology Needs for Future Space and Aeronautical Systems"
NASA TM-104525, 1991 (2 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro
"Self-Lubricating Polymer Composites and Polymer Transfer Film Lubrication for Space Applications"
NASA TM-102492, 1990 (3 Mb)

Richard T. Barrett
"Fastener Design Manual"
NASA RP-1228, 1990 (9 MB)

Robert L. Fusaro
"Tribological Properties of Polymer Films and Solid Bodies in a Vacuum Environment"
NASA TM-88966, 1987 (2 Mb)

Robert L. Fusaro
"How to Evaluate Solid Lubricant Films Using a Pin-on-Disk Tribometer"
NASA TM-87236, 1986 (3 Mb)

Donald H. Buckley, William R. Jones, Jr., Harold E. Sliney, Erwin V. Zaretsky, Dennis P. Townsend, and Stuart H. Loewenthal
"Tribology: The Story of Lubrication and Wear"
NASA TM-101430, 1985 (7 Mb)

"Rolling-Element Bearings"
Bernard J.Hamrock and William J. Anderson
NASA-RP-1105, 1983 (5 Mb)
Note: If you get a "file is damaged" error --- (1) right-click on the link and Choose 'Save Link As' (2) At the popup window, change 'Save as type' to 'All Files' 3. Change the filename extension from htm to pdf.

Robert L. Fusaro
"Fundamental Aspects of Polyamide Dry Film and Composite Lubrication -- A Review"
NASA TM-82968, 1982 (6 Mb)

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