Space Mechanisms Handbook

The goal of this project was to assemble a space mechanisms design guidelines handbook for use by NASA and its industry collaborators.  The handbook presents a categorical overview of space mechanism design, qualification, and application issues.  The handbook is being distributed on DVD-ROM.  The DVD is in pdf (Portable Document Format) developed by Adobe Acrobat.
The DVD and handbook are available via this link.

Subjects covered in the Handbook:
  1. Mechanism Design Development Process
  2. Space Mechanisms Requirements
  3. Mechanism Design Considerations
  4. Deployable Mechanisms
  5. Cyclic and Continuously Rotating Mechanisms
  6. Case Studies
  7. Springs
  8. Dampers
  9. Lubricants
  10. Bearings
  11. Non-Pyrotechnically-Actuated Devices
  12. Explosive Ordnance Applications for Spacecraft Mechanisms
  13. Fasteners
  14. Spacecraft Flight Instrumentation
  15. Spacecraft Valves
  16. Electric Motors for Space Applications
  17. Electrical Contact Ring Assemblies for Spacecraft
  18. Gearing for Actuators and Drives
  19. Materials for Moving Mechanical Assemblies
  20. Testing
  21. Seals

Engineers at Aerospace Corporation wrote most of the handbook with help from Battelle Corp.

Space Mechanisms Lessons Learned Study

In preparation for the Space Mechanisms Handbook, a "Lessons Learned" study was performed to assess reoccuring problems and future needs in space mechanism design.  Three engineers from Mechanical Technology Incorporated co-authored the lessons learned study.  This study is being distributed with the handbook on DVD.  The study is divided into two volumes: a summary of lessons learned and a literature review.  The first volume is available in the NASA Space Mechanisms Handbook and Reference Guide DVD and as via this link ... Space Mechanisms Lessons Learned Study

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