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Physical Sensors Instrumentation Research at NASA Glenn

Physical Sensors Instrumentation Research at NASA Glenn

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Instrument Research Lab at GRC. The Instrument Research Lab at NASA GRC. Credit: NASA GRC

Physical Sensor Instrumentation Research
NASA Glenn Research Center
Mail Stop 77-1
21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44135

Technical Management
Research & Engineering Directorate (Code L)
Communications & Intelligent Systems Division (LC):
      Dawn C. Emerson, Division Chief
Smart Sensors & Electronics Systems Branch (LCS):
      Diana Centeno-Gomez, Branch Chief
      Gary Hunter, Intelligent Systems Lead

      Gus Fralick
      John Wrbanek
Partnering and Licensing
Innovation Projects Office:
      Bob Kistemaker  (216) 433-2775
      Amy Hiltabidel  (216) 433-8063
      Priscilla Diem, Alcyon Technical Services (JV), LLC.  (216) 433-2095
      Jeanne King, Alcyon Technical Services (JV), LLC.  (216) 433-3132

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Physical Sensors Instrumentation Research

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NASA GRC was built in 1941 on the parking lot for the Cleveland Air Races. The wooden grandstand stood on the current site of the Hangar.

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