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Computer animation of the Wright 1903 Flyer

In cooperation with the NASA Glenn Educational Programs Office, the Learning Technologies Project has produced a series of web pages containing information, pictures, and computer animations and simulations concerning the Wright Brothers and the Centennial of Flight (1903 - 2003). These pages are similar to those at the Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics and are intended to inform the student of the process used by the Wright Brothers to achieve the first manned, heavier than air, powered flight. It is the same process used today by NASA scientists and engineers. Students are encouraged to learn more about aeronautics and science through their own exploration by using kites, paper airplanes, gliders, rubber band powered models, and the computer simulations.

Aeronautical activities connected with the Centennial of Flight are located at "Re-Living the Wright Way". The computer simulations and animations begin with the Wright Brothers Discoveries.


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