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How to build a paper JET model


2. 3a.


4. 5.
1. Begin with a square piece of paper. 2. Fold the square along a diagonal and then unfold. 3. Fold the paper in as shown in the diagram. 4. Flip over 5. Fold the paper between the two corners and unfold.
6a. 6b. 7. 8a. 8b. 9a.
6. Fold those corners toward the center along the crease you just made. 7. Flip over. 8. Fold the sides into the center, but don't fold the flaps from the bottom. 9. Fold in the pointed end as shown.
9b. 10. 11a. 11b. 12. 13.
10. Flip over 11. Fold sides toward the center. 12. Flip over. 13. Fold sides under the flaps towards the center.
14a. 14b. 15. 16. 17.
14. Push down the sides so they meet under the flaps and look like a normal paper airplane's fuselage. (at right angles with the wings) 15. Staple the front of the paper airplane (where the arrow is pointing) 16. Bend a paper clip so that it makes an "S". 17. Thread the paper clip through the hole

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