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Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
Turbojet Thrust
If so instructed by your teacher, print out a worksheet page for these problems.

After reading the Web page Turbojet Thrust , complete the activity to answer questions.

Additional Materials: square piece of paper, 8.5" x 8.5", pencil with eraser, scissors, pin, electric table fan or handheld battery operated fan.

1. What is another name for a jet engine?

2. In the Turbojet Thrust diagram, the free stream air enters which engine part first?

3. The air then flows into the _________.

4. A compressor acts like rows of ___________.

5. A compressor also acts like an electric _____________. To see this effect, construct a simple fan by following directions given in Pinwheel Wind Turbine (

6. After you have completed your pinwheel, blow on it. Where is the best place to direct the air to make it turn?

7. Turn the fan on to the lowest speed and hold the pinwheel in front of it. What happens to the pinwheel?

8. What happens to the movement of the pinwheel when the fan is turned off?

9. What happens to the movement of the pinwheel when the fan is turned to a higher speed?

10. Turn the fan on and direct the air flow from it toward your hand. Describe what you feel.

11. Write a sentence describing what the compressor does to the air in a turbojet.

12. Describe what happens in the burner. What is the ratio between fuel and air?

13. How is the action of the turbine like the action of your pinwheel?

14. Comparing the pinwheel to the turbine, what do you think happens to the speed at which the turbine spins as the speed of the air increases?

15. Trace the flow of air through the turbojet engine by listing its components in order.

16. What important result is created by each of the following things happening?

turbine turns

compressor turns

hot gases leave the engine

fuel is burned

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