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Vacuum Facility

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Arc-Tracking, Wire Insulation-Pyrolization, and Current-Derating Vacuum Facility

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Description:[Vacuum Facility]

  • Evaluates pyrolization and arc tracking of insulated wires and current limitation of insulated wires under various thermal space environments.
  • Vacuum bell jar uses the cryogenic pump for high-vacuum capabilities.
  • Power includes 600 A electric arc welder, three 300 V, 6-a dc power supplies, and 240 to 400 kHz ac power supply.
  • 50 MHz EISA computer for real-time data acquisition, process control, and computation.
  • Sufficient feedthroughs available to provide cooling, thermocouples, and high current to test area.

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  • Research tests performed with complete automated computer control.
  • Vacuum system provides 10-6 Torr operating pressures in bell jar.
  • High-speed data acquisition and report generation.
  • High-power capability to test articles.
  • Provides controlled heating of test articles.

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 Research Projects:

  • Study pyrolization of polyimide-insulated wires for atmospheric and space applications.
  • Conduct arc-tracking tests on samples of wire with candidate insulation materials for space applications.
  • Feasibility program to develop space wire derating test procedure for candidate insulations for space applications.

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Potential Uses:

  • Evaluating electrical and electronic durability of components for space application in vacuum environment.

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