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Wave Rotor Topping Cycles
for Gas Turbine Engines

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2-D Multi-Passage Simulation

A numerical model has been developed at the NASA Glenn Research Center which simulates the fluid mechanics occurring in both the passages of a wave rotor and the associated ducts. The model is based on the assumptions of two-dimensional, unsteady, laminar, thin-layer, perfect gas flow. The high resolution, CFD model numerically integrates the equations of motion, thereby tracking not only the dominant wave behavior including shocks and expansion fans, but also the inherently multi-dimensional effects such as shock/boundary layer interactions, hot/cold interface instabilities, passage opening and closing vorticies, etc. The model utilizes a multi- block grid thus allowing relative flexibility in simulating different wave rotor cycles. The passage walls (webs) are included in the grid allowing the effects of blockage to be accurately investigated.

[CFD Temperature Contours]

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Contact: Gerald Welch

Project Contact: Daniel E. Paxson
Phone: (216) 433-8334

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