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Structures and Materials Division
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The division also houses the Analytical Science Group to provide advanced capabilities in the areas of analytical chemistry, electron optics, metallography and x-ray diffraction.

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Structures and Materials Division - Research Focus Areas
Our research areas include advanced materials and coating systems for aerospace propulsion and power, computational methods, materials processing and characterization, multifunctional and adaptive structures, structural mechanics and life prediction methodology for application of advanced materials in propulsion and space structures, structural dynamics and impact mechanics, aeroelasticity, drive systems, seals, and tribology for aeropropulsion and space exploration.

Research Branches
Link to Advanced Metallics Branch site Advanced Metallics
...develops and characterizes metallic materials for aerospace applications.
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Ceramic Shuttle tile repair Ceramics
...performs research in the areas of toughened ceramics, ceramic composites, composite processing and aerospace applications support.
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Advanced Propulsion Systems Durability & Protective Coatings
...conducts research on propulsion and power systems materials behavior and develops advanced coating technology to enable and extend component capability and durability in extreme aerospace environments.
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Materials Conditioning Mechanics & Life Prediction
...performs research to assure integrity, durability, and reliability of aerospace propulsion and power system components made of metallic, polymeric, ceramic, or "smart" materials.
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Cross-linked polymer aerogel Polymers
...involved in the development of a number of high-performance polymer-based materials.
AF Structures & Dynamics
...develops innovative computational tools, benchmark experimental data, and
solutions to long term barrier problems.
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Oil-Free Turbomachinery Tribology & Mechancial Components
... performs research in mechanical components and system technologies to improve the performance, reliability, and integrity of aerospace drive systems, high temperature seals, and space mechanisms.
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