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Oil-Free Turbomachinery - Tribological Coatings
Foil bearings require a solid lubricant coating to provide stop/start wear protection for long-life durability.

PS304 is a NASA-developed high-temperature solid lubricant coating tailored for foil bearings that operates from a cold start to 1500 °F without vaporization or emissions.

NASA PS304 (US Patent No. 5866518) is a wide spectrun solid lubricant coating

PS304 has successfully lubricated foil bearings at high loads for 100,000 start/stop cycles from 200 to 1200 °F.

Plasma spray applied to oil-free bearing journal
Above: Plasma spray applied to oil-free bearing journal

Powder metallurgy compaction of PS304 feed stock material can produce self-lubricating solid components. Collaboration with industry has led to successful commercialization of this material as PM304.

Commercially available PM304 bushings
Above: Commercially available PM304 bushings

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