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Aerospace Seals - Adaptive Seals
Research Objectives
Develop and demonstrate clearance management technologies to improve turbine engine performance, reduce emissions, and increase service life.
Technical Challenges
  • Clearances between shroud and blade tips vary over the operation and life of an engine. Wear and thermal erosion increases blade tip clearance.
  • Gas path temperatures are >2500 °F, Cooling air temperatures are >1200 °F, Case temperature 600 °F with soak back.
  • Actuators must react ~2000 lbf, move ~0.050 inch in 10 seconds.
  • Current clearance control systems accurate to 0.015- 0.020 inch. Accuracy of <0.005 inch is goal.
  • Small, lightweight active clearance control systems required. Weight < 100 lbs is goal.

Current Research
NASA Glenn Research Center is developing a unique Active Clearance Control (ACC) concept and evaluation test rig.

  • Evaluate ACC kinematic system and actuator response and accuracy under engine simulated thermal and pressure conditions to 1200 °F and 120 psi.
  • Evaluate clearance sensor response and accuracy. Capacitance and microwave sensors being evaluated.
  • Measure ACC system seal leakage and wear performance and identify mitigation strategies.
  • Other factors to be investigated include:
    • Actuator stroke, rate, accuracy, and repeatability
    • System concentricity and synchronicity
    • Component wear
    • Secondary seal leakage
Simulated Take-off Engine Clearance Transient
Above: Simulated Take-off Engine Clearance Transient*. (Click image or link to view enlarged graph)

*From NASA/CP_2007-214995

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