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Tribology and Mechanical Components Branch - Publications
Most publication links open a search result page on the Structure and Materials Division Publication Server. A link to the publication document is provided if available. For reports not available here, please check the NASA Technical Reports Server.

Historical Reference Publications
John J. Coy, Dennis P. Townsend and Erwin V. Zaretsky
NASA Reference Publication 1152, 1985

"Design of Traction Drives"
Stuart H. Loewenthal and Erwin V. Zaretsky
NASA RP-1154, 1985

"Tribology: The Story of Lubrication and Wear"
Donald H. Buckley, William R. Jones, Jr., Harold E. Sliney, Erwin V. Zaretsky, Dennis P. Townsend, and Stuart H. Loewenthal
NASA TM-101430, 1985

"Rolling-Element Bearings"
Bernard J.Hamrock and William J. Anderson
NASA-RP-1105, 1983 (See note** below)

"Friction, Wear and Lubrication in Vacuum"

Donald H. Buckley
NASA-SP-277, 1971 (See note** below)

"Advanced bearing technology"
Anderson, W. J.; Bisson, E. E.
NASA-SP-38, 1964 (See note** below)

"Fastener Design Manual"
Richard T. Barrett
NASA RP-1228, 1990

"NASA Space Mechanisms Handbook and Reference Guide"
Robert Fusaro, editor
NASA/TP-1999-206988, 1999 (ITAR restricted. Limited to US only. Not downloadable.)

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