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Tribology and Mechanical Components Branch - Personnel
  Branch Personnel
  General inquiries or correspondence should be directed to:
Abel, Phillip B., Dr.
(Deputy Branch Chief)

Asnani, Vivake

Bauman, Steven W.

Bruckner, Robert J., Dr.

Clark, David A.

Creager, Colin

Daniels, Chris, Dr.

Decker, Harry J.

de Groh III, Henry C.

Delgado, Irebert R.

DellaCorte, Chris, Dr.

DeMange, Jeff

Dempsey, Paula, Dr.

Dimofte, Florin, Dr.

Dunlap, Pat

Dykas, Brian D., Dr.

Finkbeiner, Josh

Flowers, Joseph

Garafolo, Nicholas

Graham, Kimberly

Handschuh, Robert F., Dr.

Hartman, Hardy

Howard, S. Adam, Dr.

Jones, Bill R., Dr.

Krantz, Timothy L., Dr.

Kwiat, Rebecca J.

Lewicki, David G., Dr.

Manco, Richard

Mondry, Richard J.

Morales, Wilfredo, Dr.

Oswald, Fred B.

Oswald, Jay J.

Penney, Nicholas

Pepper, Stephen V., Dr.

Proctor, Margaret P.

Puleo, B. Sue

Radil, Kevin C.

Smith, Ian

Stanford, Malcolm K., Dr.

Steinetz, Bruce M., Dr.
(Senior Technologist)

Street, Kenneth W., Dr.

Striebing, Donald R.

Stringer, Blake

Tashjian, Dick

Taylor, Shawn C.

Wasowski, Janice

Zakrajsek, James J.
(Branch Chief)

Zaretsky, Erwin V.
(Senior Technologist)


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