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Full-scale Actuated Compression and Flow Fixture
While simultaneously quantifying the leak rate of any non-flammable gas through a face seal, the system is capable of characterizing the force-displacement behavior and the load necessary to separate the joint. Seal specimens with diameters up to 60 in. outside diameter can be evaluated at test temperatures ranging from -76 to 122°F (-60 to 50°C). To quantify the reliability of the values reported, room temperature leak rate values are stated along with the associated measurement error. A wide range of leak rates can be accommodated, and the accuracy of the reported value can be adjusted by customizing the system’s volume and the test duration.

  • Custom Instron Servohydraulic Load Frame
    • 135 kip (600 kN) load frame
    • 135 kip (600 kN) actuator with 54 in. stroke
    • Four 50 kip (222 kN) load cells with an accuracy of 0.16%
    • Displacement measurement range of 56.7 in. (1440 mm) with an accuracy of +/- 5 in. (0.13 m).
  • Large volume test capabilities
    • Large height test section accommodated within 54 in. actuator stroke
    • Capacity for 60 in. diameter test section
  • Heat exchanger type temperature control system
    • Temperature range of -76 to 122°F (-60 to 50°C)
    • Capable of uniform and non-uniform temperature distributions
    • Humidity control chamber permits actuation while maintaining low-humidity environment (less than 1% relative humidity) to minimize condensation during refrigerated temperature testing

Graphic views of full-scale actuated flow/compression fixture

Above: Graphic view of full-scale actuated flow/compression fixture.

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