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Research Transmission electron micrograph of TiAl grain structure
Titanium Alloys
Titanium alloys are used in the fan and compressor sections of turbine engines because of their combination of high strength and light weight. The temperature capability of Ti alloys is limited to about 500°C. If the high temperature strength and oxidation resistance of Ti alloys can be improved, they can be used in a wider spectrum of applications in engines as well as numerous components in future hypersonic vehicles. Current research areas include efforts to improve existing alloys by advances in processing methods. New titanium aluminide alloys ("Gamma TiAl") would allow even further advances in capability, and research is directed towards improving the impact resistance and embrittlement behavior of TiAl as the next step in introducing these new alloys into application.

Scanning electron microgrpah of TiAl alloy
Above: Scanning electron micrograph of TiAl alloy
Simulated impact damage of TiAl turbine blade
Above: Simulated impact damage of TiAl turbine blade.
TiAl Shown To Have Sufficient Durability To Allow the Design of a Robust Low-Pressure Turbine Blade
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Third-Generation TiAl Alloy Tested--Exhibits Promising Properties for Rotating Components
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TiAl scramjet imlet flap Future Use: Hypersonic Vehicles
Future hypersonic vehicles will be powered by scramjets. The use of TiAl for major components will allow for major weight savings and temperature capability improvements. Here, a TiAl scramjet inlet flap subelement was designed, fabricated, and tested in order to demonstrate feasibility.

TiAl Scramjet Inlet Flap Subelement Designed and Fabricated
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Titanium Aluminide Scramjet Inlet Flap Subelement Benchmark Tested
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