Class DisposeThread

  extended by java.lang.Thread
      extended by IcanGui.DisposeThread
All Implemented Interfaces:

 class DisposeThread
extends java.lang.Thread

This thread is used to dispose of windows before exiting.

To dispose of the data/Frames as fast as possible, begin the dispose actions in this thread and check for completion in another thread in a different ThreadGroup. I needed to allow the current thread to be the AWT thread. Somehow, all of these threads should not interfere with each other. Checking for completion contains a sleep that must not stop the disposal of the frames but rather should continue the disposal by allowing the program to run the other threads.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.lang.Thread
java.lang.Thread.State, java.lang.Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
Field Summary
private  IcanFrame doFrame
private  int ido
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Constructor Summary
DisposeThread(java.lang.ThreadGroup tg, int ido, IcanFrame doFrame)
Method Summary
 void run()
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activeCount, checkAccess, countStackFrames, currentThread, destroy, dumpStack, enumerate, getAllStackTraces, getContextClassLoader, getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler, getId, getName, getPriority, getStackTrace, getState, getThreadGroup, getUncaughtExceptionHandler, holdsLock, interrupt, interrupted, isAlive, isDaemon, isInterrupted, join, join, join, resume, setContextClassLoader, setDaemon, setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler, setName, setPriority, setUncaughtExceptionHandler, sleep, sleep, start, stop, stop, suspend, toString, yield
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Field Detail


private int ido


private IcanFrame doFrame
Constructor Detail


public DisposeThread(java.lang.ThreadGroup tg,
                     int ido,
                     IcanFrame doFrame)
Method Detail


public void run()
Specified by:
run in interface java.lang.Runnable
run in class java.lang.Thread