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NDE Wave & Image Processor

Purpose: To Provide Advanced Signal and Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization Capability to NDE & Health Monitoring Engineers and Scientists.

NDE Wave & Image Processor

Primary Capabilities:
  • Data display, processing and analysis for NDE and Health Monitoring Data
Special/Unique Capability:
  • Interactive Wavelet-based Signal and Image Processing
  • Signal and Image Digital Filtering
  • 2D and 3D Data Visualization
  • Region-of-interest analysis and quantitative feature measurement.
  • Model-based Curve Fitting of Spectroscopy Data
  • NASA can help write translators to get your data into proper format
  • LabVIEW Software/ Run-time Engine(s)
  • Supports Optical Instrumentaion & NDE Branch and the NDE & Health Monitoring Community as a whole.
  • Send your NDE data for analysis and display to illustrate the capabiilities of the software for your use.
  • The software and associated documentation are bundled together in a .zip file and can be downloaded free of charge from
  • POC: George Baaklini 216-433-6016.
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NASA Official: George Baaklini
Last Updated: 6/30/2009
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