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Saturn Rocket Gallery

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Here are a group of rocket photos that you can use in classroom activities. All of these rockets are variations of the Saturn rocket, which was used to launch the Apollo Spacecraft. There are two versions of Saturns; the Saturn I had a cluster of eight rocket nozzles in the first stage and was used to lift the Apollo into low Earth orbit to test out the spacecraft and to later support the Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz Test project. The larger Saturn V used five F-1 engines to send astronauts to the Moon and to lift the Skylab space station. These photos were gathered by Honie Lui, of Independence High School, Independence, Ohio, in May, 2005, as part of a Senior Shadowing Project.

Photo of row of Saturn V first stages in the factory.

Saturn V - assembly of the first stage of the Saturn V.

Photo of Saturn V first stage being erected in VAB.

Saturn V - First stage being erected inside the VAB.

Photo of Apollo Saturn V being transported to the pad.

Saturn V - leaving the VAB on the way to the pad.

Photo of launch of Apollo Saturn V.

Launch of an Apollo Saturn V to the Moon.

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