To Convert from PSI to Pascals:

  1. Set up a conversion table as shown below.
  2. The top row is for the numerator and the bottom row for the denominator.
  3. Units desired are placed in the last column.
  4. If you want to replace a unit, put it in an opposing row (for example: to replace 'sq inches' in the lower row, in the next column place 'sq inches' in the upper row).
  5. Multiply numbers in the same row.
  6. Divide (if necessary) the upper row by the lower row.


14.7 Pounds 4.4482 Newtons 1550 Sq inches = 101,352 Newtons
1.0 Sq inch 1.0 Pound 1.0 Sq Meter =              Sq meter
      = 101,352 Pascals


You try a conversion. Pick a pressure . . .


Pounds 4.4482 Newtons 1550 Sq inches =            Newtons
Sq inch Pound Sq Meter =            Sq meter
      =              Pascals

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