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The production and maintenance of KiteModeler involves the work and skills of a large number of people.

The original KiteModeler program was developed by Tom Benson, a research scientist in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Systems Division, NASA Glenn Research Center.

KiteModeler is a product of the NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) managed by Kathy Zona. The program was originally developed in conjunction with the Centennial of Flight Celebration for 2003. Carol Galica, of IDI, is the coordinator for Centennial of Flight within the Office of Educational Programs and has extensively tested the KiteModeler program. A video conference concerning the use and operation of the program is available through the LTP Virtual Visits, managed by Ruth Petersen of Integral Systems.

The Twin-Trap kite design was added for the Teachers in Residence, Summer 2002, Program sponsored by the NASA Langley Research Center's Office of Education. They also made the intial request for the metric units. KiteModeler was used by them in part of a NASA CONNECT broadcast by Bob Starr.

KiteModeler is being "cyber-beta tested" by users on the World Wide Web. Recent modifications were made to the code based on suggestions/comments from:


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