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Contributors to EngineSim


The production and maintenance of EngineSim involves the work and skills of a large number of people. EngineSim was orginally a product of the NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP). The LTP is no longer funded at NASA Glenn and current modifications and additions are being funded through the Aeronautics Education Co-ordinating Committee (AECC) from NASA Headquarters through the Education Programs Office (EPO) at NASA Glenn, headed by Jo Ann Charleston.

The original EngineSim program was developed by Tom Benson, a research scientist in the Turbomachinery and Propulsion Systems Division, NASA Glenn Research Center. EngineSim began as a Unix program for college level students. It was modified for high school students based on the inputs from the following high school teachers:

  • David Kohler Fairview High School
  • Sheila Kegg North Olmsted High School
  • Dave Cornelius Midpark High School
  • Len Muni Midpark High School
  • Roger Storm Fairview High School
  • Betty Dabrowski Magnificat High School
  • Fen Lewis Strongsville High School
  • John Alienan Strongsville High School

EngineSim was converted to the PC Windows operating system by Darryl Palmer of DataSol Consulting and Bruce Bream of NASA Glenn Research Center. We are not continuing upgrades or modifications to the Windows version because of the introduction of the download Java version.

The Java applet and Java download versions were developed by Tom Benson based on input and recommendations of the LTP team; Carol Galica of Thigpen and Associates, Ruth Petersen of Integral Systems, Susan Martin-Vorndran of RSIS, Beth Lewandowski previous manager of the Glenn LTP, and Roger Storm of Fairview High School.

EngineSim is being "cyber-beta tested" by users on the World Wide Web. Recent modifications were made to the code based on suggestions/comments from:

  • Philip Schmidt, Supervisor, Pratt & Whitney Customer Training Center, East Hartford, Conn., in Aug 00
  • Frank Ermers, Aviation-Mechanics student, Sint Anthonis, The Netherlands, in Dec 00
  • Ira Hemphill, Wellington, New Zealand, in Mar 01
  • Al Brown, Brewster Buffalo Association, in Aug 01
  • Andrew Roderick Mckenzie, Wellington, New Zealand, in Aug 01
  • Bjorn Augustsson, Chalmers University of Technology, in Aug 01


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