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Lesson 9:

Subject: How the force of air helps an airplane fly.

Objective: Students will use appropriately the following terms in sentences: drag, thrust, gravity, aerodynamics and lift.

Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Partners and large group


KWL Form

Vocabulary list

Science Log/Journal

Hand out "What makes a plane go up?"

Diagram A

Diagram B


Science Glossary


1. Students will work with a partner to list what they know about the force of air helping an airplane fly. (Using KWL form)

2. Students will share with the whole class and teacher will compile information on class chart.

3. Teacher will elicit responses about what we want to know about how the force of air helps an airplane fly, and record on class chart while students compile their own list on their own form.

4. Teacher will give the vocabulary words to students and they will look them up in an appropriate source. Definitions will be written in student science log or journal.

5. Teacher will use "What makes a plane go up?" article and discuss the elements of force (Drag, lift, thrust, gravity).

6. Closure: Discuss the days lesson.

Evaluation: The students will be able to accurately use vocabulary terms in context. ( drag, lift, thrust, gravity, aerodynamics.)

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