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Airport Noise Worksheet

  1. Click on ( concerning jet engine noise. After reading the background information on the simulation, activate the Airplane Noise Simulator for IND Airport to better understand how the noise footprint affects those on the ground.

    Using a rough draft format, list and explain some of these concerns and explain how you or you and your partners feel about these concerns.


  2. Click on ( the San Francisco International Airport and its noise reduction program.

    On this Web page are several links to sites with information on jet engine noise and noise abatement. Read the information found at several of the linked sites. Then, as an exercise, compose a block style letter or e-mail message to the airport manager on your concerns about jet engine noise. (This is just practice, so don't send the letter!)


  3. Click ( concerning health problems from jet engine noise.


  4. Click ( about NASA's Acoustic's Branch. After reading the information on noise reduction found from this site, discuss the ways that NASA's Glenn Research Center is researching reduction of jet engine noise. Using a business report format, explain how you or you and your group feel about the impact of these activities on communities near airports.