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Press Release


UK-Japan Young Scientists Working Together

Bristol, July 22-30, 2001 A Japan 2001 Festival Event
Patron: The Rt Hon the Lord Jenkin of Roding

The more we can build international links among young people, particularly in the field of science which is itself entirely international in its impact, the better it will be for the future of the human race and the world we inhabit.
-Rt Hon the Lord Jenkin of Roding, Workshop Patron, welcoming the students to the Japan 2001 Workshop

An important first in UK-Japan partnership; that the Workshop was so rapidly over subscribed by students, particularly young women, in both countries, shows that our approach has real resonance with young people.
-Dr Eric Albone, Cliftron Scientific Trust, Workshop Director

· Post-16 Students from schools across Britain and Japan are coming together to work for a week in small UK-Japan teams on a wide range of genuine open-ended science-related explorations which challenge their ingenuity and creativity.

· The UK-Japan Student Teams, led by top scientists, engineers, and social scientists, will be working in the fields of Aeronautics, Archaeology, Chemistry, Earthquake Engineering, Environment, Ethics in Medicine, Space Science, Science through Theatre, Vulcanology and Wildlife Conservation.

· In the process the students will not only put their school knowledge to use and discover something of the "scientist in themselves", but also by living and working together they will come to share and value each other's ways of thinking and working.

· Outcomes will be presented publicly by the Student Teams on Friday 27 July (14.00-17.00pm) at the University of Bristol Physics Department, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol, through Reports and products, and on the Workshop Website.

Patrons: The Rt Hon the Lord Jenkin of Roding, The Lord Walton of Detchant
The Rt Hon Sir Richard Needham, Professor Colin Blakemore, FRS, Professor Richard Gregory, FRS

by prior arrangement
· during the Workshop Launch Session, Monday 23 July, 9.00
· during the Public Student Presentations of Outcomes
Friday 27 July, 14.00
both events in the Physics Department, University of Bristol,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol;
· also by special arrangement at other times.

Dr Eric Albone 0117-924-7664; mobile 07813-685498

The Japan 2001 Science, Creativity and the Young Mind Workshop is A Japan 2001 Festival Event hosted at the University of Bristol, devised and organised by the Clifton Scientific Trust (charity 1020913) supported by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, the Great Britain-Sasakawa Foundation, and Japan 2001 in association with
· The University of Bristol Widening Participation Office
· The University of Bristol Students' Union and Japanese Society
· Airbus UK
· Bristol Zoo Gardens
· Bristol City Museum,
· The Chemical Society of Japan-The Council of Chemistry Education,
· The Society of Biological Sciences Education of Japan,
· Physics Education Society of Japan
· Japan Society of Earth Science Education
· The Environment Agency
· The Y Touring Theatre Company
· The University of the West of England
· Colleagues from Holy Cross Convent School, New Malden &
The Rikkyo School, Horsham
ALSO endorsed by Dr Peter Briggs, Chief Executive, British Association for the Advancement of Science, Mr Stephen Cox, Executive Secretary, Royal Society and Mr Kunio Sato, Director, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, London Liaison Office

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