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Welcome to the AERONAUTS 2000 project. While following along with the adventures of BJ and Pete, your students will have a chance to improve and enhance their math and science skills through practical application. Your students will also learn about flying a plane, space, and weather.

Aeronauts 2000 is an interactive Web-based curriculum that we are in the process of beta testing. Access to the program over the Internet is free of charge. The final version will be designed to allow teachers to add and delete users, record the responses, and view user results. Students will be able to read but not alter the files.

If you are interested in a text version of the Teachers' Manual with the answers and an explanation of skills highlighted in each module, and/or a CD-ROM version that can be loaded onto your school's server, please click Download Manual on the bar below. You will be taken to an online ordering form where you will be asked to submit information by which we can verify your request for materials.

There will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of printing and reproduction, which can be paid for by credit card following the instructions provided.You will be notified when that capability has been permitted.


Click on the Student link where indicated.

You will have the ability to select the module you would like to go through, stop at any time, and resume the lessons as you see fit. There is an evaluation sheet that we would like you to complete on each module. Thank you again for your participation; we look forward to hearing from you.

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