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Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site)
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K-Site includes an 800-gallon slush hydrogen batch production plant and a 200-gallon small scale densification system.

C-1991-7456: Hydrogen slush rig at K-Site C-1974-2028: Test chamber and clean room at K-Site
Quick Facts
The Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site) is a space-environment test chamber 25 feet in diameter with a 20 ft diameter door. The design and construction of this facility allows large-scale liquid hydrogen (LH2) experiments to be conducted safely. Control and data systems are located in a separate, remote building and electrical control systems include explosion-proof hardware.

Name: Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility
Test Chamber: 25 ft diameter,
spherical space environment
Temperature: down to -423°F
Vacuum: capable of 5 x 10-7 torr
Test Manager:
Facility Manager :

Cryogenic Test Complex (CTC) Rendering

Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site) Rendering

Further Information
Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site)
Test development of advanced cryogenic fuel tanks and insulation systems.
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