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The Engine Research Building (ERB) has over
60 test rigs supporting research in all aspects of
engine development.

A variety of tests being performed in the Engine Research Building C-1995-4026: Advanced Small Transonic Compressor (ASTC)

The Engine Research Building (ERB) supports research in all aspects of engine development, providing superior testing of turbomachinery, aerodynamics flow, physics, aeropropulsion heat transfer, mechanical components, and combustor facilities.
Facility Overview
The Engine Research Building (ERB) is the largest and most adaptable test facility complex at Glenn, with 152,235 square feet of floor space housing more than 60 test rigs. Most aspects of engine development can be studied here with numerous facilities specializing in turbomachinery, tribology, flow physics, combustion, aerochemistry, mechanical components, and heat transfer.

Fundamental and applied research is conducted in the following test facilities:

  • Compressor and turbine research is conducted in the turbomachinery facilities to advance new technology for components of aeronautical gas turbine engines. Glenn Research Center is NASA's Center of Excellence in turbomachinery.

  • Advanced lubricants, oil-free bearings and other components are tested in the tribology facilities to develop clean, fuel-efficient engine technologies requiring less maintenance.

  • Work to develop and validate computational fluid flow codes, and the subsonic to supersonic flow physics phenomena fundamental to ducted wall-bound flows is conducted in the aerodynamic flow physics facilities.

  • The combustion processes of aeronautical gas turbine engines, including chemical reactions and combustion flow physics to develop gas turbine combustor technology, is conducted the combustion and aerochemistry facilities.

  • Components for gas turbine engines, rotorcraft, space propulsion, and space mechanisms are developed in the mechanical components facilities.

  • Gas path heat transfer with an emphasis on advanced materials is explored in the aeropropulsion heat transfer facilities.

For complete information on all of the ERB facilities, please visit the ERB Capabilities Page.

Facility Fact Sheets
Engine Research Building
A large complex with 60 test rigs supporting engine research and development.
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Engine Components Research Laboratory
Full-scale engine testing for advanced concepts
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Combustor Facilities at NASA Glenn
Review the seven combustor test rigs at NASA Glenn
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Turbomachinery Test Facilities at NASA Glenn
Review the capabilites of our turbomachinery test rigs.
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