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Guided Tours of Hypersonics

NASA's Guide to Hypersonics (NGH) was created as a Web-based "textbook." The creation of the NGH is a research project to explore the use of the personal computer and the Internet to present educational materials to students, teachers, and lifelong learners in a more interactive way than a printed, bound textbook.

As a general rule, the Web consists of many individual pages that are connected, or related, to one another through hyperlinks. The Web is, therefore, much less structured than a bound book, in which one page follows another in a definite, numbered sequence. We have intentionally organized the NGH to mirror this unstructured approach. Users can navigate the pages of the NGH through hyperlinks based on their own interest and inquiry.

For those who prefer more structure to the information available at the NGH, we have organized an alternative to the unstructured approach--a number of guided tours through the site. Each tour is organized around a single topic, and users move from page to page through the tour by using special buttons at the bottom of each page.

ClickPicture of button used to display previous page to move back to the previous page.
ClickPicture of button used to display next page to move to the next page.
Click Picture of button used to end tour to return to this page at the end of each tour.

(Some pages will be "crossed" by more than one tour, so it is important to remember which tour you are on. If you click on a hyperlink you will leave the tour; you can rejoin the tour by using the browser's "Back" command. If you wish to abort a tour and return here, just click on the "Guided Tours" label located above the buttons. )

All of the tours begin and end on this page unless otherwise noted. Descriptions of each tour are given below--just click on the name of the tour to start you on your way. Have fun!



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