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To learn more about the capabilities of the Acoustical Testing Laboratory and to find out if it can be used for your test, please contact:

David Stephens

Testing Facilities
Acoustical Testing Facility

The Acoustical Testing Laboratory was used to evaluate the performance of mufflers for the air turbines used to drive engine simulators at Glenn Research Center.

A room without walls
When you want to listen to something carefully, what do you do? You turn off other noisy things, close the door and listen closely. That's just what you can do in the Acoustic Testing Laboratory (ATL). The ATL is an anechoic (without echoes) chamber. The 34 inch deep fiberglass wedges are designed to absorb 99% of incident sound above 100 Hz. This means that the sound field inside the room is essentially the same as if you were suspended in an infinitely large room with no sound reflections, which is the ideal environment for making acoustic measurements. Dense rubber material in the walls and ceiling of the ATL absorb or reflect sound from the outside. A separate control room is attached for any noisy equipment or persons needed to perform the measurements. The ATL has a special metal grate floor to allow sound to pass through to the wedges below. The floor wedges can also be removed to reveal a concrete floor below, making the ATL a hemi-anechoic chamber, which is used for certain kinds of acoustic tests.

To get a copies of NASA technical reports related to research in the Acoustical Testing Laboratory, please visit the NASA Technical Report Server.
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– Acoustical Testing Laboratory
+ Particle Image Velocimetry
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+ Rayleigh Scattering
+ Hotwire, Hotfilm, and Laser    Doppler Velocimetry
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