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E. Brian Fite
Branch Chief

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Branch Administrative Support

NASA Technology Head
Quieting the Skies
Engineers in the Acoustics Branch at NASA Glenn know that noise isn’t just a nuisance. Cities need vibrant airports to enable local businesses to thrive, to join the global marketplace, and to draw the world to their doorstep. But as airport traffic increases, cities are faced with tough choices pitting the health and quality of life of thousands of residents living near airports against the greater good of their region’s economy.

Imagine what it would be like if we could keep aircraft noise at the airport.

That’s exactly what we have in mind at NASA Glenn. Rather than finding ways to live with noise, we’re conducting the research needed to understand the underlying physics that enables engineers to develop quieter airplanes.

In the news
open rotor NASA Glenn Tests Geared Turbofan
An Ultra High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Model was tested in the NASA Glenn 9 x 15 Low Speed Wind Tunnel, demonstrating the fuel burn and noise reduction potential of this futuristic engine design.
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Open Rotor Image Environmentally Responsible Aviation
Today's commercial aircraft are quieter and more efficient than ever. Research at NASA Glenn is paving the way for greener, safer aircraft.
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Fixed Wing Concept The Future of Fixed Wing Aircraft
The NASA Glenn Acoustics Branch develops technology to make the concepts aircraft of today a possibility of tomorrow.
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Career Image Unique Aviation Careers
Careers in aircraft engine research and development are interesting and exciting. NASA Glenn Acoustics Branch engineer Dennis Huff shares more in an interview featured in Flying Magazine.
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DGEN 380 engine Thumbnail image The Little Engine that Could
The Price Induction DGEN model 380 turbofan engine paid a visit to the NASA Glenn Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory.
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Twin Nozzle Thumbnail image Supersonic Noise
The Twin Rectanglular Jet model was tested in the NASA Glenn Nozzle Acoustic Test Rig. Novel engine airframe configurations might reduce noise from supersonic aircraft.
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Excellence in Research
The primarily mission of the NASA Glenn Acoustics Branch is discover new ways to reduce aircraft engine noise pollution. Read more about our history of innovation in this report:

+ NASA Glenn's Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

You can also learn about NASA's contribution to fundamental aeronautics research in this ebook:

+ The "Apollo" of Aeronautics, NASA's Aircraft Energy Efficiency Program 1973-1987

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Visit our Analysis pages for more information. Requests and distribution are handled through the NASA Glenn Software Repository.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2016

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