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PM304 Success Story
  NASA Glenn Success Stories
Lincoln Electric, Euclid, Ohio and ADMA, Twinsburg, Ohio.

PM304 belongs to a generic family of lubricant materials called PS 300. These oil free lubricants are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, unlike other existing lubricants. PM304 is a powder which is pressed, shaped, heat treated, and then applied as a solid part to bushings.

Commercially available PM304 bushings
Above: Commercially available PM304 bushings.

Commercial Application
  • ADMA manufactures bearings made with PM304 material
  • Lincoln Electric will use bushings with PM304 material in furnaces which operate at temperatures up to 1000ºF. Previously, bushings would crack when used in a furnace and oils and grease could not be used as lubricants because they would burn up.
Social/Economic Benefit
  • Bushing Life span increase from 1 month to at least 6 months
  • Eliminates the need to shut down assembly lines every month for repair or replacement, resulting in decreased maintenance cost for increased production.
NASA Applications
  • The technology was originally developed for the General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) program which set out to revitalize the U.S. commercial light aircraft industry.
Contact: Christopher DellaCorte (NASA)
Dr. Vladimir Moxson (ADMA)
Wayne Ohtola (Lincoln Electric)
Guy Cline (Lincoln Electric)

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