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Optical Microscopes
Within the Metallography Lab, optical microscopes including three MEF3 Reichert metallographs, two Nikon Optiphot binocular microscopes and Olympus and Wild stereo macroscopes, are utilized to provide users up to 2000X images. Methods include bright field, dark field, oblique illumination, polarized illumination, differential interference contrast, specimen fluorescence and limited transmitted light microscopy. Images obtained can be documented with 4X5 inch positive prints either color or black and white or as digital micrographs from a Reichert light microsope coupled with PAXIT digital image capture systems.

MEF3 Reichert Metallograph Olympus Stereo Microscope
Above: MEF3 Reichert Metallograph (left). Olympus Stereo Macroscope (right).
Examples of metallography images
View a sampling of metallography images captured by the optical microscopes of the Analytical Science Group.
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Various metallography images

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Mounted samples in the Met Lab
Mounted samples in the Met Lab
Polishing samples in the Met Lab
Plasma etched sample in the Met Lab
Plasma Etching
Ceramic composite after intereference layering
Interference Layering


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