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Analytical Chemistry
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XRay Diffraction
Analytical Chemistry
X-Ray fluorescence Spectrometry
  • Nondestructive analysis of solids, liquids, or powders for elements from magnesium to uranium. It has limited capability for the elements boron through sodium when present in higher concentrations.
  • Accuracy and precision better than 1% relative for flat, fully dense solids with closely matched standards; better than 10% relative for non-ideal samples using a library of general calibration standards.
  • Dynamic Range from 0.1 to 100%, for most elements
  • Fast semiquantitative analysis of virtually any sample, such as for commercial alloy identification
Sample Requirements
  • Size at least 10 cm diameter on the measuring surface but overall sample can not be more than 52 cm diameter and 40 cm tall
  • For best quantitative data, measuring surface should be polished flat, nonporous, and consistent composition to a depth of about 50 microns
Instrumentation: Philips PW2400
  • Sequential operation with vacuum or helium purge
  • Rh x-ray tube operates at up to 3 kW
  • Sealed xenon, flow proportional and scintillation detectors
  • 6 position automatic sample changer
  • Rigorous quantitative and fast semiquantitative software packages
  • Programmable switching for up to 5 beam filters, up to 3 beam collimators, and up to 8 analyzing crystals
Philips Model PW2400
Above: Philips Model PW2400

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