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Analytical Chemistry
Electron Optics
XRay Diffraction
Analytical Chemistry
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotmetry
  • Single element analysis of aqueous solutions, with few spectral interferences
  • Can sequentially analyze up to six elements in a single sample solution aspiration
  • Especially sensitive for alkali metals, also good sensitivity for most transition metals
  • Can analyze organic solvents directly, for example wear metals in oil dissolved in MIBK amples may be in powder, chip, granule, turning, or thin sheet form
  • Method accuracy and precision 3-5% relative
  • Dynamic range from parts per million to low weight percent
Instrumentation: Perkin-Elmer Model 5000
  • Air-acetylene or nitrous oxide-acetylene flame source
  • Operates in absorption or emission mode
  • Double-beam operation with deuterium (UV) or tungsten halide (visible) background correction
  • Six lamp turret with storage of up to six element programs
  • Automatic burner control of fuel-oxidant ratio
Perkin Elmer Model 5000
Above: Perkin-Elmer Model 5000

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Atomic Absorption lab and equipment
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotmetry
ICP operator and equipment
Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Atomic Emission Spectrometry
CS-444LS unit in the Interstitial Gas Analysis lab
Interstitial Gas Analysis
CS-444LS unit in the Interstitial Gas Analysis lab
Wet Chemistry Analysis
CS-444LS unit in the Interstitial Gas Analysis lab
X-Ray fluorescence Spectrometry
Phased extraction equipment
Phase Extraction Analysis


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