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SECTION 508 COMPLIANCE: Beginning April 1, 2005, all Agency Bankcard holders will be required to insure the acquisition of computers, software, fax machines, and other items considered to be Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) are Section 508 compliant. A link has been added below to provide you with additional information and guidance.

ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENT: Please visit the following websites for information on the requirement for federal agencies to purchase environmentally acceptable products:

ODISy/BANCARD VENDOR INFORMATION (BVI) SYSTEM:  An application that enables bankcard users to view and enter vendor performance remarks and other required data. The BVI System enters the information into the Procurement vendor database.

The Bankcard User or Alternate evaluates vendor performance for all purchases other than consumables. If performance was less than satisfactory, appropriate remarks must be entered into the ODISy/BVI system, including date, BC holder name, and telephone number, as required by GLPR 5113.1, GRC Use of Government-Furnished Bankcard, paragraph 3.11.   Entry of remarks pertaining to satisfactory or more than satisfactory performance by a vendor is optional, but highly recommended for purchases involving vendor adherence to higher-level quality standards, complex requirements, etc.

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