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Glenn Research Center
Local Prime Contractor List

Please direct any updates and/or corrections to NASA Glenn Procurement. Thank you.


Prime Contractor Services Employment Contact Types of Employees Required
Alphaport, Inc.
Jennifer Jones
Program Manager
22800 Cedar Point Road
MS:  15-6
Cleveland ,  OH   44142

Corporate Office
18013 Cleveland Parkway Dr., Ste. 170
Cleveland, OH 44135

Knowledge Mgmt., IT Security, Coding and Development, Infrastructure Design and Administration, SMA Subject Matter Expertise, Marketing and Outreach, Video/Multimedia Production, Instructional Systems Design, Professional Development Training, Data Analysis.

Jennifer Jones
(440) 962-3108

Instructional Systems Designers, Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Data Analysts, Graphic Artists, Technical Writers, Videographers, System Administrators, Multimedia Developers, Web-application Developers, Technical Writers, Content Development Specialists, SMA Practioners, Subject Matter Experts (SME): Quality Engineers, Reliability Engineers, System Safety Engineers, and Software Assurance Engineers.
Booz Allen Hamilton
Robert Bilbrey
21000 Brookpark Rd.
Mail Stop 60-0
Cleveland, OH  44135
Financial and Business Solution Services. Robert Bilbrey
(216) 433-5671
Financial and Cost Analysts, Accountants, Project and Program Management, and Integrated Financial Management Solutions.
DB Consulting Inc.
Ron Harvey
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Road
M/S 142-1
Cleveland, OH 44135

Gerald Boyd, Jr.
8403 Colesville Road
10th Floor
Silver Springs, MD  20910
Professional, Administrative, Computational & Engineering services in support of Information Technology requirements. Ron Harvey
(216) 433-5820

Denise Ryan
(216) 433-8174

Computer Programmers: Scientific, Financial, Management Information Systems, Misc. Applications

Web Developers, Software Engineers, Systems Engineers and Architects, Computer Hardware and Software Field.
EdArch Associates, Inc.
Edgar Archie
2919 Warrington Road
Shaker Heights, OH  44120
General Construction Services Edgar Archie
(216) 702-0891
General construction trades.
Federal Occupational Health
Burton Stover, Nurse Coordinator
21000 Brookpark Rd.
M.S. 15-5
Cleveland, OH  44135
General medical services including occupational medicine, fitness center, Employee Assistance Program.
Burton Stover
(216) 433-5864
Doctor, Registered Nurses, Medical Technologies, Medical Secretary, Fitness Specialist, EAP Counselor.
Frontier-Arrowhead NASA Services
Al Meyers, Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Rd.
M.S. 21-15
Cleveland, OH  44135
Construction Management, Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance, Surveying, Soil Testing
Al Meyers

Mark Constance
(216) 433-2240
Facility Project Managers, Construction Managers, Construction Inspectors, Surveyors.
JDD, Inc
James Vaughan Jr.
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Rd, MS 107-1
Cleveland, OH 44135

James Vaughan
3700 Northfield Rd
Suite 251
Highland Hills, Oh 44122
Janitorial and specialized cleaning services. Dale Wiersma
(216) 433-3449
Janitors, Utility Workers, Crew Leaders, Secretary, Window Cleaners, Wall/Furniture Washer, Carpenters, Painters, Boiler Operators.
Linyx Global Solutions Inc.

Corporate Office
272 Bendix Road
Virgina Beach, VA  23452
Security, guard, and visitor control services. Darrell Williams
(216) 433-5618
Security Specialist, Security Guards, Visitor Control.
Mainthia Technologies Inc. MTI
Todd Lockhart
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Rd.
MS 14-5
Cleveland , Ohio 44135

Hemant Mainthia
7055 Engle Road
Suite 502
Cleveland, OH 44130

Glenn Pressure Systems Certification (GPSC)
George Guzauskas
(216) 433-5406

Todd Lockhart (HR)
(216) 433-8986

Mechanical Engineers, Drafters, Electrical Engineers, Process Control Engineers, Systems Engineers, Computer Analysts, Electronic Technicians, Instrument Technicians, Mainframe Mechanics, Mainframe Electricians, Drafters, Secretary Technicians, Maintenance, Electrician, Millwright , Elevator Mechanic & Helper, Stationary Engineer , Mechanics, Equipment Operator.
Mainthia Technologies Inc. MTI
Todd Lockhart
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Rd.
MS 14-5
Cleveland , Ohio 44135

Hemant Mainthia
7055 Engle Road
Suite 502
Cleveland, OH 44130

Maintenance, operation, and engineering services to support research facilities. (wind tunnels, test stands) Includes all major R&D systems and subsystems. George Guzauskas
(216) 433-5406

Todd Lockhart (HR)
(216) 433-8986

Mechanical Engineers, Drafters, Electrical Engineers, Process Control Engineers, Systems Engineers, Computer Analysts, Electronic Technicians, Instrument Technicians, Mainframe Mechanics, Mainframe Electricians, Drafters, Secretary Technicians, Maintenance, Electrician, Millwright , Elevator Mechanic & Helper, Stationary Engineer , Mechanics, Equipment Operator.
National Center for Space Exploration Research
Stephen N. Simons,  Director
21000 Brookpark Road
MS 110-3
Cleveland, OH  44135

Corporate Office
Universities Space Research Association
10211 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD  21044


Science and Space Exploration Technology Support (SSETS).   Specialized research and development support to advance the understanding of space environment effects and related technology development. Christine R. Gorecki
Business Manager
(216) 433-2851
Staff scientists in the disciplines of fluid physics, combustion, bio-medical engineering, chemistry/chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, aero-space engineering.
Logical Innovations
16902 El Camino Real, Ste C
Houston, TX
Educational and community outreach program coordination, exhibit design and installation, exhibits/show development and management, logistics coordination and administrative assistance.
Program Coordinator,  Administrative Assistants, Publications Coordinator, Public Inquiries, and Speakers Bureau Coordinator
Pinnacle Construction & Development Group
Scott Minerd
38220 Willoughby Parkway
Unit A
Willioughby, OH  44094
General Construction Services Scott Minerd
(440) 975-0981
General construction trades.
R.J Runge Company, Inc.
Amy Runge
1546 NW Catawba Rd.
Unit A
Port Clinton, OH  43452
General Construction Services Amy Runge
(419) 740-5779
General construction trades.
RECOM Technologies, Inc.
Bill Ramsay
21000 Brookpark Road
M/S 50-4
Cleveland, OH 44135

Database Management Services Bill Ramsay
(216) 433-5255

Computer Programmers/Analysts
Sierra Lobo, Inc
Dan Lowe
P.O. Box 250
Fremont, OH 43420
Technical, Facility, Operations. Maintenance and Engineering Support Services to R&D programs and test operations. Attn: Brian Rice
(216) 433-5734
Inspectors, Machinist, Model Makers Technicians, Test Engineers.
Leidos, Inc
Ms. Martha L. Clough
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Road
MS 6-4
Cleveland, OH 44135

Kenneth Dahlberg
1241 Cave Street
La Jolla, CA 92307
Safety, Health, Environmental Mission Assurance Support Services.
Ms. Martha L. Clough
(216) 433-5189
Manager, Industrial Hygienist, Hazardous Mat. Technician, Environmental Engineer, Senior Regulatory Engineer, Industrial Hygienist II, Project Administrator, Chemist, Environmental Manager, Hazardous Materials, Technician, Hazardous Chemical, Systems Specialist, MSDS Coordinator, Project Manager.
SGT, Inc.
Bruce Emmel
Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Road
MS 21-10
Cleveland, OH 44135


Harold Stinger
7701 Greenbelt Road Suite 400
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

Centerwide logistical, technical, and administrative support services (eg. transportation, cargo delivery services; mail/messenger services; furniture moving; fuel distribution; motor pool; instrument calibration, maintenance, inspection and repair; communications; chemicals management; government property management; warehouse; and stock support.

Technical publications; scientific imaging; photo & graphic arts services; technical library operation.

Administrative support;  information systems support; educational programs; document management; office move coordination; general office clerical services.
Bruce Emmel
(216) 433-2399

Melissa Yoby (HR)
(216) 433-5144

Administrative/IT Positions
Accounting Clerk, Clerical, Legal Assistant, Personnel Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Accountant, Budget Analyst, IT Support, Cost and Budget Analyst, Educational Program, Specialist, Facility Management, Market Research Analyst, Office Move, Coordinator, Training Technician, Librarian, Library Technician, Forms Designer, Records Mgmt. Specialist, Satellite & Distance Learning Coordinator, Training Technician/Coordinator.

Electronic Technician, Flow Engineer, Metrologist.

Computer Systems Analyst, Desktop Publishing, Specialist, Editorial Assistant, Printing/Duplicating Operator, Statistical Draftsman, Technical Editor/Illustrator, Writer.

Imaging Technology
Video Engineer, Audio-Visual Technician, Video Production Specialist, Photographer, Photo Technician, Production Coordinator.

Automotive Mechanic, Furniture Moving (Laborer), Inventory Management, Mail Room Clerk, Motor Vehicle Operator, Packing Specialist, Property Disposal, Storage Specialist, Shipper/Receiver Transportation Worker, Warehouseman.

Vantage Partners, LLC
Eric Clemons, Program Director
3000 Aerospace Parkway
Brook Park, OH   44142

Corporate Office
10210 Greenbelt Road, Suite 400

Lanham, MD  20706

Multi-disciplinary engineering and research support services company providing progressive solutions to spaceflight projects.

Eric Clemons

Leigh Ann Konno (HR)
(216) 416-5641
Aerospace, Aeronautics, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Fluid Systems, Materials, Mechanical, Optical, Power, Propulsion, Software, Structural, Systems, and Thermal Engineers; Drafters, Electrical and Mechanical Designers, Configuration Management, Database Analysts, Documentation Specialists, Management Information Specialists, PC Analysts, LAN Administrators, Systems Analysts, and Technical Writers.
Wolfcreek Federal Services
Tim Tesch, Program Manager
21000 Brookpark Road
M.S. 107-1
Cleveland, OH  44135
Maintenance and operational of institutional facilities (buildings and systems).(eg. alarm and fire extinguishing systems; electrical power distribution systems; mechanical systems, elevators, cranes, and hoists; HVAC, chilled water, and EMCS systems; utility piping systems; boiler rooms; carpentry and minor building modifications; grounds maintenance.) Tim Tesch
Fire Extinguisher Repairer, Electricians, Electronics Technician, Elevator Repairer, Carpenter/Painter, HVAC Mechanics, Maintenance Mechanic, Plumber/Pipefitter/Welders, PT&I, Technician Chemist,  Systems Maintenance Eng., Tools & Parts Attendant, Planner/Scheduler/Est., Quality & Safety Inspectors, Assistant Steam Plant, Foreman, Boiler Operators, Helpers, Engineers, Boiler Operator/Mechanic, Mechanic/Chemicals.
ZIN Technologies, Inc.
Carlos Grodsinsky
Vice President
6745 Engle Road
Airport Executive Park
Middleburg Hts., Ohio 44130
Engineering Design, and Information Technology to ongoing programs and projects. Carlos Grodsinsky
Vice President & General Mgr.
(440) 625-2239
Engineers: Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Software, Optical, Fluid Systems; Physicists, Electrical and Mechanical Designers, Design Managers, Configuration Management, Management Information Specialists, PC Analysts, LAN Administrators, Database Analysts, Systems Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Programmers Analysts, Technical Writers, Data Security Analyst, Telecommunications Analysts, Web Administrators, Web Masters.

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