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The 8- by 6-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel is NASA's only transonic wind tunnel.

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C-1999-1592: Atrex Inlet Model in the 1x1 Supersonic Wind Tunnel Boeing Quiet Experimental Validation Concept, QEVC, performance model
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C2013-04623: Glenn Extreme Environment Rig (GEER) New rig at NASA Glenn - Glenn Extreme Environment Rig (GEER)
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Pulsed Ejector Wave Propagation Test Rig in the 1x1 1'x1' Supersonic Wind Tunnel (1x1)
The 1x1 specializes in conducting fundamental research in supersonic and hypersonic research and detailed benchmark quality experiments.
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View from the top of the drop tower 2.2 Second Drop Tower
The tower is used to study the effects of microgravity on combustion and fluid dynamics, and to develop technologies for space missions.
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Jet model installed in the 8x6 8'x6' Supersonic Wind Tunnel (8x6)
The 8x6 is a world-class facility that provides researchers with the opportunity to explore higher speed regions of flight.
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General Electric model installed in the 9x15 9'x15' Low Speed Wind Tunnel (9x15)
This facility has unique and nationally recognized capabilities to evaluate many aerodynamic performance and acoustic characteristics.
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Propulsion test in the 10x10 10'x10' Supersonic Wind Tunnel
This facility has unique and nationally recognized capabilities to evaluate many aerodynamic performance and acoustic characteristics.
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Acoustic Noise Test Rig in the AAPL Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory (AAPL)
The AAPL is an acoustically treated geodesic dome that provides researchers an environment for acoustic testing of aeropropulsion components.
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The Advanced Subsonic Combustor Rig Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig (ASCR)
The ASCR contains two operational test stands that support low-emissions combustor research and development.
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Overview of the construction of the CCL facility Cryogenic Components Laboratory (CCL)
The CCL is a new, state-of-the-art facility for research, development and qualification of cryogenic materials, components and systems.
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View of the CTC test chamber Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site)
K-Site plays an essential role in the development of advanced insulation systems and on-orbit fluid transfer techniques for cryogenic fuel tanks.
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Vacuum chamber in the EPL Electric Propulsion Laboratory (EPL)
The EPL provides large space environment chambers for the research and development of spacecraft power systems.
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Combustor rig in the ECRL Engine Components Research Laboratory
The ECRL has the capabilities and track record to perform high-quality, high-performance testing on combustor and afterburner concepts.
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Combustor rig in the ECRL Engine Propulsion Research Building (EPRB)
The EPRB supports research and development of spacecraft power, electric propulsion, and space environmental effects.
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Compressor research in the ERB Engine Research Building (ERB)
The ERB is the largest and most adaptable test facility complex at Glenn, with 152,235 square feet of floor space housing more than 60 test rigs.
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Compressor research in the ERB Flight Research Building (Hangar)
Built in the 1940's, the Hangar is a 65 X 250 ft. heated facility that is large enough to hold numerous aircraft of various sizes.
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Test hardware used in the Heated Tube Facility Heated Tube Facility
The Heated Tube Facility investigates cooling issues by simulating conditions characteristic of thrust chambers and propulsion systems.
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View inside the HTF test chamber Hypersonic Tunnel Facility (HTF)
The Hypersonic Tunnel Facility (HTF) is a free jet wind tunnel that is capable of simulating Mach 5, Mach 6, and Mach 7 conditions.
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AH-64 engine test in the IRT Icing Research Tunnel (IRT)
The IRT provides a true icing environment for testing and certification of aircraft components.
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Ares upper stage rocket segment in the PSL Power Systems Facility (PSF)
PSF houses testbeds to verfiy criticial design concepts under actual loading and operating conditions.
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Jet engine set up in the PSL Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL)
The PSL is NASA's only ground-based test facility that can provide true flight simulation for research on air-breathing propulsion systems.
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Live engine test in the RCL Research Combustion Laboratory (RCL)
The RCL develops aerospace propulsion technology by performing tests on propulsion components and materials.
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Live engine test in the RCL Small Multi-Purpose Research Facility (SMiRF)
The SMiRF, part of the RCL, evaluates the thermal protection systems required to provide long-term storage of cryogenic propellants in space.
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Looking inside the SPF vacuum chamber Space Power Facility (SPF)
The Space Power Facility (SPF) houses the world's largest space environment simulation chamber.
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FCF rack positioned in the SDL for testing. Structural Dynamics Laboratory (SDL)
The SDL performs tests to verify the survivability of a component or assembly when exposed to vibration and environmental stress.
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View from the bottom of the Zero Gravity Facility Zero Gravity Research Facility (Zero-G)
The Zero Gravity Research Facility is NASA’s premier facility for ground based microgravity research, and the largest facility of its kind in the World.
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