Space Shuttle Audio Retransmission
provided by the NASA Glenn Amateur Radio Club

Shuttle Launch

The NASA Glenn Amateur Radio Club (NA8SA) provides a focal point for amateur radio operators and the general public in Ohio and neighboring states by retransmitting Space Shuttle audio transmissions. We retransmit the audio on 145.67 MHz from our 4 bay dipole antenna located at 100 feet on our tower at the NASA Glenn Research Center adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland, Ohio. Anyone with a VHF-FM scanner or amateur radio equipment capable of receiving the 2 meter amateur radio band (144-148 MHz) can hear these shuttle rebroadcasts if they are within about 40 miles of our transmitting site. There may be other amateur radio stations rebroadcasting the Shuttle audio in your local area. Check with local amateur radio clubs or stores that sell scanners in your area.

shuttle crew

If you are not within range of our station, you also have another opportunity to listen to live shuttle audio. You will need a short wave receiver capable of receiving single sideband or an amateur radio HF (3-30 MHz) transceiver. Check the NASA Amateur Radio Clubs external link page for information on their retransmissions of shuttle audio on several of the amateur radio HF bands. Shuttle Landing .

The GRC Shuttle audio retransmission is normally turned on 1-2 hours before a shuttle flight, continues throughout the shuttle mission, and is turned off after landing. Visit the NASA shuttle mission page external link to find out about current, future and past shuttle missions and schedules.

Programming can also be received may also be available through your local cable television network. NASA digital TV is also broadcast for reception via satellite dish on AMC 6, Transponder 17C. Coordinates are 72 Degrees west; downlink frequency is 4040 MHz; polarity is vertical. The FEC is 3/4. Data rate is 36.860 MHz; symbol is 26.665 Ms.

If you don't have any radios, there's still hope. You can listen and see shuttle broadcasts over the Internet at NASA TV external link . They have real time Internet audio and video broadcasts during Shuttle missions.

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