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Field Day 2002 Pictures

tie of He Balloon Steve N1HIF ties off the helium balloon while Cindy, his daughter and Jason, nephew of W8QR, help. He balloon get id Cindy and Jason writes out the club call sign on the Helium balloon for ID.
Cindy and Jason Cindy and Jason smile for the camera at the GOTA station. Cindy and Jason operating Cindy and Justin still operating late in the evening.
He balloon up The helium balloon antenna on its way up Saturday morning at Field Day. He balloon down By midafternoon Saturday, the high temperature and humidity, had taken a toll on the Helium balloon. 
Dawn KC8SQN Dawn KC8SQN checks the log to see how many contacts she's made so far. Steve WA8EIH Steve WA8EIH busily pounding brass.
Steve N1HIF and Cindy Cindy makes some more contact while her dad N1HIF logs for her. Ray W8QR and Justin Ray W8QR tunes in a station for nephew Justin. 


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