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Working for Peace, Quiet, and Prosperity
Engineers in the Acoustics Branch at NASA Glenn know that noise isn’t just a nuisance. Cities need vibrant airports to enable local businesses to thrive, to join the global marketplace, and to draw the world to their doorstep. But as airport traffic increases, cities are faced with tough choices pitting the quality of life of thousands of residents living near airports against the greater good of their region’s economy.

Imagine what it would be like if we could keep aircraft noise at the airport.

That’s exactly what we have in mind at NASA Glenn. Rather than finding ways to live with noise, we’re conducting the research needed to understand the underlying physics that enables engineers to develop quieter airplanes.

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open rotor NASA Glenn investigates open rotor noise
Open rotors are very efficient high-speed propellers. The challenge is to make them quieter.
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Mesa Airlines chevron Nozzle Chevrons reduce jet noise
Fundamental research at NASA Glenn is key to getting chevrons off the drawing board and into use.
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Living with noise pollution is expensive.
As of 2013, over $5.9 Billion in federal tax money has been distributed through the FAA's Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants for noise related projects. This was supplemented by over $3.4 Billion in Passenger Facility Charges (PFC). To qualify for these funds, airports must conduct a rigorous noise impact study.

+ FAA AIP and PFC Funding Summary for Noise Compatibility Projects

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Visit our Analysis pages for more information. Requests and distribution are handled through the NASA Glenn Software Repository.

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NASA Official: E. Brian Fite
Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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